Cappacity up to 122,400 d.o.c.

HatchTraveller - City trailer

With the capacity demands of poultry companies continuously growing, the semi-trailer is one the most popular chick transportation options on the market today. HatchTech offers its customers one of the largest and most efficient 34ft semi-trailer options available anywhere on the market, providing capacity for up to 122,400 day-old chicks in a single journey.

This HatchTraveller trailer type has six different sections and provides more than 1,000 individual chick-level air vents. This means that, in addition to the increased capacity of the trailer, chicks are supplied with fresh air throughout their journey, resulting in an optimal climate and comfortable travelling conditions.

Furthermore, as well as the standard hybrid power system provided with all HatchTraveller models, HatchTech allows its customers the option of selecting an extended electricity supply with additional battery packs and generator sets.

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