Capacity up to 86,400 d.o.c.

HatchTraveller 86400

In the unique HatchTraveller concept, chick baskets are placed side-by-side – no space in between is required. This makes it possible to transport significantly more day-old chicks – up to 30% per truckload – compared to traditional
transport systems of equal dimensions. What’s more, when baskets are in this side-by-side position, the treated air is automatically forced through the baskets, and is not deflected around them. When air passes evenly and directly by
the chick, it makes it much easier for the chick to release its own heat, and stay at the ideal 104ºF at all times.

HatchTraveller 86400
Capacity With trolley (d.o.c.) Without trolley (d.o.c.)
HT 88 Basket 86,400 85,000
HT 75 Basket 70,400 83,300
60 x 40 Basket 78,800 83,300
Dimensions External (mm) Internal (mm)
Length 8,050 6,355
Width 2,500 2,380
Height 2,800 2,180
Technical Specifications
Weight (excl. load) ≈ 6,000 kg
Generator power supply 2 x 40 kVA / 32 kW
Chillers 4 x 10 kW
Air circulation 15,000 m3/h
Fresh air supply 0-2,800 m3/h
MicroClimer sections 4.5
Sensors Temperature inside: 4
Carbon dioxide inside: 1
Humidity inside: 1
Back-up temperature: 1

HatchTraveller's hybrid power system charges automatically when driving, helping us to reduce our fuel usage, and ultimately our costs

David Little | Hatchery Manager

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