Delivering superior chick quality during transport

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Integrated broiler hatcheries

Integration requires optimal performance from eggs to shelf. Transport high-quality chicks between your locations quickly, securely and reliably.

Broiler hatcheries

The most efficient transport solution in the world enables broiler hatcheries to transport up to 183,600 day-old chicks per journey.

Layer hatcheries

Our flexible transport solution allows you to maintain an optimal, uniform climate throughout all parts of the trailer.

Breeder hatcheries

Just like your produce, your transport solution for parent stock and genetics must meet the highest standards, ensuring your chicks always arrive in optimal condition.

Transport companies

Transport companies require optimal efficiency from start to finish. Reduce your carbon footprint and lower your fuel costs by as much as 80%, thanks to our innovative in-transit solutions.

The trailer's ventilation system uses fresh air and perforated radiators to create a laminar airflow. This greatly reduces the risk of hotspots or chicks overheating on route to the farm

Les Fisher | VP Live Operations - Bell & Evans

Why HatchTraveller?

Research based

Driven by our deep scientific knowhow, our innovative solution ensures the perfect balance between airflow, air temperature and humidity, and air velocity on every journey.

Laminar airflow

Laminar airflow ensures the optimal climate conditions created by HatchTech’s MicroClimer technology are homogeneously delivered to each chick, resulting in outstanding, uniform chick quality.

Maximised capacity

Our unique trailer design creates space for up to 183,600 day-old chicks per trailer – expanding the volume of every truckload by up to 30%, to reduce the size of your transport fleet.

Fresh air

Our natural ventilation solution delivers fresh air to chicks throughout their journey, minimising fuel costs by preventing the need for mechanical cooling in temperatures of up to 30°C (86°F).

Minimising fuel costs

Thanks to our 100% hybrid, battery-driven trailer, together with the use of fresh-air ventilation, HatchTraveller customers are able to reduce their energy costs by 50-80%.

Local support

Our regional customer support networks have extensive knowledge of technical and transport-related issues. They are available to support you 24/7, to help you maximise your results.

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