Mechanical cooling

Just as it’s important for their development during the incubation and post-hatching period, it is crucial that chicks receive the optimal temperature and humidity levels during transportation.

With the right form of temperature and humidity control, establishing an optimal climate for chicks within the trailer can be achieved through fresh air alone. To this end, each HatchTraveller is equipped with HatchTech’s laminar airflow technology as standard. Air enters and circulates through each part of the trailer at chick level via a series of carefully positioned air vents. Each trailer will contain as many as 1,500 individual air vents, depending on the size of the model in use.

Laminar airflow provides sufficient cooling and humidity control in outside temperatures of up to 30oC (86 oF). In hotter, drier climates, customers can choose to have their HatchTraveller fitted with a mechanical cooling system which is designed to keep the trailer interior cool in warmer conditions.

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