Transporting chicks remains a key challenge for poultry producers worldwide. While companies have significantly improved their incubation, hatching and farming processes in recent years, transport remains a “break” in the chick development cycle. This disrupted development can severely impair final chick quality.

Meanwhile, today’s poultry producers face a range of different pressures, including sustainability, animal welfare, chick quality, and return on investment.

HatchTraveller is the only system that addresses each of these needs while also looking after your bottom line.

HatchTraveller Hybrid

HatchTraveller Traditional

Supporting Products

HatchTraveller – Semi Trailer

HatchTraveller – Rigid Box

HatchTraveller US version

HatchTraveller 153600

HatchTraveller 76800

HatchTraveller 38400

Charging system

Our charging system allows you to power your trailer using electricity - the most economical option.


Go beyond the limits of your trailer battery with our super-efficient extra generator.

Mechanical cooling

Mechanical cooling is an option to consider for customers driving in hot, humid climates.

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