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What we do

Headquartered in the Netherlands, HatchTraveller brings together the very best researchers, engineers, and sales and customer support professionals from around the globe.

With our unique research and innovation capabilities and world-class in-house production facilities, we support our customers by helping them to optimise their operations and maximise return on investment.



Key Differentiators


Our work is guided by the deep knowledge and experience of our researchers and product engineers. Their scientific capabilities provide a platform for us to innovate and pioneer new inventions.


Over time, our experts have developed extensive insight into a wide range of transport-related subjects and challenges. They are ready to pass on their knowledge, by helping you develop your staff and optimise your fleet.


We invest exceptional skill and care in developing our solutions. However, our commitment doesn’t end there: our comprehensive portfolio of after-sales services will help you to get the most out of your investment.

Our people are the driving force of our success – and they always will be

Our employees provide the creativity, innovation and energy we depend upon to carry out our mission. We want people who see past the tried-and-tested, and can bring us to the brink of the impossible. Could that be you? Contact us for open opportunities.

Smart innovation is our core business at HatchTech Group

HatchTraveller is part of HatchTech Group, an innovation-focused company using research and the latest technologies to introduce game-changing, early-stage solutions to the food industry and other markets worldwide. By revolutionising chick hatching and transportation, and pioneering new innovations such as in-egg gender identification and vertical farming, we help customers in over 45 countries to maximise performance while driving sustainability and animal welfare.


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