Capacity up to 81,600 d.o.c.

HatchTraveller - Rigid box

The rigid truck is HatchTraveller’s innovative transportation solution for challenging infrastructure environments. It provides space for up to 81,600 day-old chicks and attaches easily to the truck’s axles. The rigid truck option is equipped with a unique climate-control system as standard, based on HatchTech‘s laminar airflow technology and patented perforated radiators. There are four different sections within the trailer as well as more than 600 individual chick-level air vents through which fresh outside air reaches each of the chick baskets to provide optimal cooling. The rigid truck system also comes with a sustainable, hybrid power solution designed to reduce fuel costs as well as CO 2 emissions. The system runs primarily in electricity, with a genset only brought into use whilst the trailer is being charged. The capacity of the system depends on the type of transport baskets being used; the maximum load per journey is 81,600 chicks.

Four sections – Box
Capacity With trolley (d.o.c.) Without trolley (d.o.c.)
HatchCare Basket 46,080
HT 88 Basket 76,800 81,600
HT 75 Basket 64,000 – 76,800 81,600
60 x 40 Basket 76,800 81,600
Dimensions External (mm)
Length 7,850
Width 2,500
Height 2,780
Technical Specifications
Weight (excl. load) ≈ 7,500 kg
Generator power supply 1 x 14 kVA 
Battery pack capacity 1,125 Ah
Chillers 1 x 15 kW
Air circulation 10,000 m3/h
Fresh air supply 0-3,500 m3/h
MicroClimer sections 4
Sensors Temperature inside: 5
Carbon dioxide inside: 1
Humidity inside: 1
Temperature outside: 1
Temperature back-up: 1

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