Capacity up to 153,600 d.o.c.

HatchTraveller 153600

Comprising a trailer as well as boxes, the HatchTraveller 153600 is one of the highest-capacity chick transportation systems on the , enabling up to 30% more chicks per truckload than rival models. With space for up to 163,200 day-old chicks, the trailer is designed for larger poultry companies looking to maximise space and to reduce the number of the total fleet.

The system measures 13.5 metres (approx. 44 feet) in length and comprises eight fully automated MicroClimer sections each based HatchTech’s unique laminar airflow system. This unique technology delivers a consistent airflow to all chick baskets, ensuring consistent conditions throughout the trailer while maximising space.

Each HatchTraveller model is equipped with its six mechanical cooling systems on top of the trailer rather than open air vents, which means it does not depend on outside air for cooling. The result is an effective cooling effect for the chicks even in extreme climates, ensuring an optimal chick body temperature of 40oC (104oF) for all chicks, and uniform chick quality on arrival.

HatchTraveller 153600
Capacity With trolley (d.o.c.) Without trolley (d.o.c.)
HT 88 Basket 153,600 163,200
HT 75 Basket 128,000 163,200
60 x 40 Basket 153,600 163,200
HatchCare Basket 86,400
Dimensions External (mm) Internal (mm)
Length 13,600 11,195
Width 2,500 2,380
Height 4,000 2,180
Technical Specifications
Weight (excl. load) ≈ 12,500 kg
Generator power supply 2 x 60 kVA / 48 kW
Chillers 6 x 10 kW
Air circulation 15,000 m3/h
Fresh air supply 0-2,800 m3/h
MicroClimer sections 8
Sensors Temperature inside: 6
Carbon dioxide inside: 1
Humidity inside: 1
Back-up temperature: 1

HatchTraveller's hybrid power system charges automatically when driving, helping us to reduce our fuel usage, and ultimately our costs

David Little | Hatchery Manager

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