Capacity up to 38,400 d.o.c.

HatchTraveller 38400

Measuring 4,5 metres (approx. 15 feet) in length, this compact and efficient traditional HatchTraveller model is designed to meet the needs of poultry companies or those transporting smaller truckloads. Supplied as an independent box, the system maximises space, allowing companies to transport up to 40,800 day-old chicks at any one time.

The fully automated climate-control system uses eight MicroClimer sensors across two sections, to enable the continuous monitoring and registering of air temperatures, CO2 levels and humidity levels. This high level of precision control maintains the temperature of each chick in the truck at 40oC (104oF) – the optimal temperature level for the development of newly hatched chicks.

Equipped with its two independent s, the HatchTraveller 38400 functions entirely independently of external climate conditions, maintaining a stable internal temperature even in hot locations. Together with HatchTech’s laminar airflow system, this effective combination ensures superior chick quality in all environments.

HatchTraveller 38400
Capacity With trolley (d.o.c.) Without trolley (d.o.c.)
HT 88 Basket 38,400 40,800
HT 75 Basket 32,000 40,800
60 x 40 Basket 38,400 40,800
HatchCare Basket 21,600
Dimensions External (mm) Internal (mm)
Length 4,500 2,810
Width 2,500 2,380
Height 2,800 2,180
Technical Specifications
Weight (excl. load) ≈ 4,100 kg
Generator power supply 2 x 30 kVA / 24 kW
Chillers 2 x 10 kW
Air circulation 15,000 m3/h
Fresh air supply 0-2,800 m3/h
MicroClimer sections 2
Sensors Temperature inside: 2
Carbon dioxide inside: 1
Humidity inside: 1
Back-up temperature: 1

HatchTraveller's hybrid power system charges automatically when driving, helping us to reduce our fuel usage, and ultimately our costs

David Little | Hatchery Manager

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